CommaChargers Trade-in Program October 11 2015

Have you ever had one of your Apple cords tear/break on you? Days later you find yourself purchasing another cord and throwing out your old one. We have created a program where you can substitute your torn/broken cord for a brand new and improved 6ft braided cable for only $9.99! I’m sure this is a program that would interest your readers, as this seems to be a common problem with the Apple lightning cables.

 All you have to do is visit After your purchase you will receive information on where to send your old Apple iPhone cable. The new cable will be shipped out as soon as your old cable is received. The new cable is Apple certified and features a 6ft braid with sleek aluminum tips.

 So for anyone out there who has a destroyed cord or simply just wants a longer, more durable cord can visit our website and take part in our Trade-In Program. If you have any further questions or need any more information, feel free to contact us.

 -Team Commachargers

BBC October 03 2015

Ever wondered what’s missing in your life, but can’t figure out what it may be? Commachargers here knows the missing piece! You are in need of a new friend. Luckily for Apple users, our latest BBC (big black cable) is the answer to all your prayers. No more need of uncertainty, un-pleasurable, unreliable, and non-durable friends. The BBC will provide you with the most satisfaction in just one use. With our thick, black, durable, and 10 foot elongated charger, you will never go back to your old one. Apple certified and ready for use, the BBC is waiting for you!

iPhone Light Up Charger and MFi Lightning Cable December 22 2014

Hello Ya'll,

Most happy customers come the site looking for either iPhone light up charger or MFi Lightning cables both of which we have in stock and ready to ship in 24 hours. If you have suggestions or products you would like to see offered please don't hesitate to contact us directly.


Team Comma Chargers 

Apple reduces MFi & Lightning fees, making way for somewhat affordable iOS accessories…but will they?? November 25 2014

Despite the fact that its indistinct by what measure the Cupertino-based organization decreased the permitting expenses, its normal that that the diminishment will — in time — mean somewhat more moderate embellishments for the organization's different ios gadgets. The move could likewise conceivably open the avenues to new frill producers who were long ago reluctant to put up their innovations for sale to the public under the past pay structure.

Macintosh charges the expenses as a feature of its very effective Mfi, or Made For ipod/iphone/ipad, program that furnishes outsider producers with approved fittings segments, instruments, documentation, specialized backing, and the omnipresent Made for iphone, Made for ipad, and Made for ipod certificate logos seen on authoritatively endorsed frill hanging in Apple and other retail locations.

Initially considered as "Made for ipod" back in January of 2005, the system at first charged steep charges supposed to have been in the domain of $10 for every gadget, or 10% of the aggregate retail cost of the frill — whichever was more prominent.

About whether, Apple apparently lessened the expense to somewhere around 1.5% and 8% of the aggregate retail cost of a thing before eventually settling on a level $4 for every connector charge, with a "Pass-through" connector instructing two of those $4 authorizing expenses.

Finally year's Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple augmented the Mfi project to cover another type of authoritatively endorsed ios amusement controllers. A modest bunch of these first-to-market amusement controllers have started to surface over the recent months with weighty stickers. iPhone MFi Lightning Cable

iPhone MFi Lightning Cable - Is it worth it? November 24 2014

The Apple Company prices iPhone lightning cables between $19 or $29 price points for 3- ft and 6-ft versions, that's simply ridiculous and super pricey. Hit up Amazon or perhaps eBay and you will probably discover “too good to be true deals” offering for $4.99-$9.99. That discrepancy implies that you are paying an "Apple duty tax”, righto or wrongo?

I am telling you definitely NOT.

 The apple certified cables normally sell for $14-$25 and 70% of that price is due to the extremely expensive ‘apple certification’ that manufacturers pay Apple.  However, it is well worth it. The iPhone MFi lightning cables that are apple certified will work 100% of the time and forever. They also don’t stop working when an operating system changes like all the cables you will buy off amazon and ebay. In addition, these cables have a certified chipset that has a cleaner plug and unplug with your device. This helps your device ports stay working properly for those  1-2 years your signed an agreement J

I would highly suggest a boutique retailer like They offer several apple certified cables that are all under 20 bucks!

Comma Chargers Mfi Lightning Cable Charger comma Apple Certified November 20 2014

Apple (Mac Inc's.) Mfi Program ("Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad") is a permitting entity for engineers of mobile phone accessories and programming professionals that work with Apple's iPod, iPad and iPhone, the other certified devices. The name is an abbreviated form of the first long-structure Made For iPod which later added iPhone iPad in the logo cert etc. The certification system covers different devices connectors including the earphone jack, unique dock connector and the more current Mfi Lightning cable/charger. Organizations joining the Mfi program and breezing through certificate tests have the original certified logo showing that those accessories are the same chipset and quality as any apple products. The best boutique shop to buy Mfi cables is at Comma Chargers.



iPhone 5/6 Apple Certified MFi Lightning Cable Charger November 19 2014

Apple released the freshest versatile working framework, IOS8.1.1, which brings incredible new gimmicks and a wonderful outline of functionality. Apple made for iPhone an MFi system to ensure that accessories are protected to charge and sync your Apple gadgets. Each one called an MFi Lightning Cable Certification has a modest and secure chipset that ensures the accessories are certified by Apple. There has been a consistent feline and mouse diversion with Apple and third party organizations that attempt to bypass this safekeeping. These same organizations guarantee future similarity with IOS8 however  it is barely worth the trouble any longer to purchase cables that are not high quality or apple certified (MFi) to spare a couple of bucks. I would highly suggest an affordable iPhone Apple Certified MFi Lightning Cable from Comma Chargers. It is only $14.99 and has the apple certification.


iPhone Lightning Cable mfi lightning cable

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Chargers September 22 2014

With the launch of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus last week many of you might be wondering where you can purchase extra chargers for your new iPhones. Comma Chargers has your solution! All of our cables will work with the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. We have our iPhone 6 Light Up Charger or the Apple Certified MFi Charger. We also have available our iWoody and Light Up Charger Combo for only $19.99! These chargers are sure to impress! Make sure you order your iPhone 6 charger today.

iPhone 4/4S MagSkin Sale August 24 2014

MagSkin for the iPhone 4/4S has been reduced to $6.99! Stock up on your favorite colors. If you never used MagSkin before now is the time to give it a try for this extremely low price! Remember the main benefit is being able to stick your iPhone to any magnetic surface! Get your MagSkin for the iPhone 4/4S today!

Colorado Journey and Light Up iPhone 5 Chargers + iWoody Premium USB Wall Charger August 22 2014

As tourist flock to Colorado for legal pot, I have prepared a travel guide to help them be successful in their journey. • When traveling within the states always remember how much of a hassle the airport can be with flight delays etc. You always want to make sure you carry a charger with you. I would recommend iWoody Premium USB Wall Charger and a Thrilling Green Light Up Charger from Comma Chargers. • Once you get to Colorado, make sure you ask around what is the safest and most reliable way to acquire bud. • Once you get stoned, you may want to stare at a glowing LED light. In that case, I would recommend the electric blue light up charger from Comma Chargers. • Be safe and enjoy your travels


woody iwoody usb charger wall funski blue light up iphone 5 charger led blue wall 

Beach Days and iPhone 5 Light Up Cable/Charger August 10 2014

For me, the summer is a great time to enjoy sun, sand, and ocean. In addition to sun and sand, social media and work still follows us around our vacations and weekends alike. Mobile devices are so integrated and powerful we can have everything easily accessible. With easy access, mobile devices drain battery very quickly. It is important to have enough chargers for your devices this summer. If you’re like me, you like a romantic beach evening with dinner and drinks.  Upon nightfall, it is tough to see! That is why on vacation I always bring my iPhone 5 Light Up Charger from Comma Charger. This is a life saver for 100 reasons! Check one out today for fewer than 10 bucks...


iphone ipad light up charger cable 5

Why Choose iWoody Over Other USB Wall Chargers July 21 2014

There are some additional benefits to the iWoody USB Wall Charger by Comma Chargers. The most obvious difference is the integrated wooden design that adds design and out classes the other crappy chargers on the market today. Your charger will most definitely stick out from your friends charger at work, home. school or play.


Another added benefit is the protection that the cheap knockoffs do not offer. The iWoody is produced using vigorous industry standards in regards to safety and has the same features are the original iPhone USB wall charger. The cheap chargers will often spark when you plug them in and their current is not controlled. This could cause a fire or electrocution. The iWoody also features an overcharge protection that stops charging your iPhone, iPad or other smartphone as soon as it is charged. The cheap chargers on the market do not feature this protection and will ultimately damage your phone by overcharging it.


I always say it is better to be safe by buying a quality piece of equipment when you are trying to protect a $600 plus device. Try the iWoody today and see why it is one of the best.


iwoody wall USB charger

Thank you for making us rank well :) July 15 2014

We are beyond excited to announce comma chargers have broken the 2.5 million alexa ranking globally! This is so exciting for our small boutique. In addition, we have broken the 300,000 alexa mark in the good ol’ US of A. These milestones are indicators that we are an appreciated boutique and accessory market. I would like to personally thank all of our customers who made this possible. Again feel free to share us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

For those who don’t already know, our new USB wall charger iWoody has recently been released…what a beauty that thang is!


iwoody USB Wall Charger

3D Printing and Quality for iPhone 5 Light Up Chargers July 10 2014

While we always see tech articles about iPhone and Android it was cool to read today on CNN Money about a 3D printer that is able to create a drone aircraft. This drone was hugeee!!! Regardless, the cheaper, faster, and stronger 3D printers of today’s world have done a number for mobile phone accessories and pretty much anything else you can think of. I personally have never directly used one but I always fear that quality would suffer as a result. For our iPhone Light Up Chargers and USB Wall Chargers we only use the highest quality manufacturing facilities. In addition, every single accessory we sell in this boutique is machine test and hand tested by our staff. This ensures we send out a zero defect percentage. All of our products are 100% guaranteed when you receive. If you mess it up after that because you are traveling to Costa Rica to surf…NOT my fault :)


iPhone 5 Light Up Charger Light Up 5 Cable

We're Still Compatible with Apple's New Releases July 08 2014

Did you hear about the new swaggy products Apple announced? We all know what you’re thinking, how come Apple can create such great devices, but can’t create a charger that lasts longer than a month. Good news-- our Apple Certified MFi Lightning Cable Chargers will still be compatible with the new releases, and won’t break, tangle, AND they’re 6 feet long. You have nothing to worry about, CommaChargers got your back. Now you can rock our gear with your new stylish gadget and not have to worry about your charger ever getting ruined. So forget about your chargers tearing apart, our braided cable is durable and won’t let you and your Apple iPhone or iPad down.  The only worry you’ll have with the new iPhone will be smashing your screen, or dropping your beloved phone in the toilet (come on we’ve all done it), but now chargers won’t ever be a worry on your mind!  



iWoody Premium USB Wall Charger...New Product!!! July 07 2014

Hello Loyal Comma Chargerites,

We are now featuring in stock the newest product by designer S. J. Mod. The Premium USB Wall Charger we call iWoody. This product is exclusively featured at Comma Chargers. The wall charger works with iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phones. We stand behind the quality and uniqueness of each product sold. The design was inspired in Philadelphia, PA by a modern blend of oak, maple, and mahogany hardwoods. The premium stamp of approval means NO sparks NO overcharging NO cheap generic crap...this is the real deal. Also, each wall charger is optimized 1 amp / 5 watt  of clean power. We are always happy to bring modern and classic to the marketplace. Buy one here while they are still in stock!  

charger juice usb wall charge unit 3 iwoody  

5 Practical Reasons you NEED an iPad Mini Charger from Comma Chargers July 06 2014

  1. iPad mini chargers give off light when you need to use the bathroom at night (i.e. potty break). The iPad charger can charge your iPad or iPhone plus gently lead you to the potty in the dark night. This always prevents tripping on wires, banging your ankle on the bed post, tripping on clothes thrown all around, or just a quicker path in an emergency :-)
  2. iPad mini chargers can make you awesome. Ladies and Gentlemen admire colors like Electric Blue or Thrilling Green…The Las Vegas of iPad Mini Chargers!
  3. iPad Mini Chargers are often easily identifiable in common charging areas…this will prevent the 'borrow friend' to steal and use your charger! You will know right away…tougher to prove white on white                                                   
  4. iPad Mini Chargers create an invigorating charging experience…every time I see my phone charging with a lighted cable I get amped up quickly
  5. iPad Mini Chargers are only $9.99 on at Comma Chargers which is half the price you would pay in retail stores…getting all this for under 10 bucks is truly a great deal!


  iphone light up 5 usb cable charger blue and green

Why you DON’T want a ‘current flow’ iPhone 5 Light Up Charger June 30 2014

At one point the trendiest iphone 5 light up cable or charger was the current flow charger. It was thought to be cool because the light or ‘current’ moves when it was plugged in. I have owned one and gave it away within 48 hours of owning it. Why did you give it away?? When you are sleeping, trying to watch TV, eating, folding laundry, or whatever else you are doing that current is moving. This is SOOOOOO unsettling and makes you uneasy. It is so distracting when you are doing work. It is so annoying when you are watching TV. It is so freakin’ troublesome I gave mine away for a solid LED light that is clearer and cleaner when charger…I USE THE IPHONE 5 LIGHT UP CHARGER EXCLUSIVELY FROM COMMA CHARGERS. They have electric blue and thrilling green both of which can be used as ipad mini charger as well (some questions came in…)


iphone 5 light up usb cable charger led blue

New Product Coming Soon... June 28 2014

In addition to light up iphone 5 chargers and MagSkin, Comma Chargers will soon be offering a modern and classic wood designed USB wall charger. This wall charger is an amazingly unique design by accessory designer S. Mod. The design is a blend of oak, mahogany, and modern! Please take a look and let us know how you like to dislike the design here! We always appreciate feedback...


usb wall charger iwoody comma chargers

iPad Mini Charger at Comma Chargers June 21 2014

Often times than not someone asks me, “What is the best place for ipad mini charger or accessories?” You never hear about anyone catering to that audience. The answer is simple. Here at Comma Chargers we offer the most recommended iPad mini charger on the web. The iPad mini electric blue fast and fun premium charger. Please feel free to visit the product page and check it out! The charger is only $11.99 and some say it was the best accessories they ever purchased (i.e. I say that and so does Bob Barker, former TV game show host of The Price is Right).


price is right ipad mini charger light up led iphone 5

Does the iPhone 5 charger work with the iPad? June 17 2014

I hear this question a lot. People want to know if their current iPhone charger is compatible with the iPad. If you are using an iPhone 5 or above you are using a lightning cable (pictured below) to charge your iPhone. This cable is compatible with iPad 4, iPad Mini, iPad Mini 2, and iPad Air, and presumably future generations of the iPad. That means that our very own iPhone 5 light up cable will be able to charge your iPhone 5 and any of the iPads mentioned above. If you are looking for a cool cable that makes charging your Apple devices fun then you should get this cable!

 ipad mini light up led charger


Light Up iPhone 5 Charger by Comma Chargers June 16 2014

As a consumer, I always try to find the best value for my hard earned money. From potato chips to cars, I always do my research and make sure the price point matches my quality expectations. For 6 month I personally tested the quality of the Light Up iPhone 5 Charger we sell here on comma chargers. I couldn’t be more impressed. Not only has it worked perfectly and provided a really cool LED light but the charger base is so sturdy it makes it easier to pull out and plug in. I would highly recommend you try this product and share with your friends. The LED colors are electric blue and thrilling green. The price has recently been reduced to $11.99 which is outstanding for a quality charger not some generic junk purchased in bulk.

LinkedIn Corp Privacy and iPhone 5 Light Up Charger USB Cable June 13 2014

Today, the company LinkedIn Corp will face state judge over customer’s lawsuits regarding privacy breach. The customer’s said that the company (without consent) downloaded Gmail contacts and skimmed iPhone 5 for soliciting advertising etc. I personally remember this occurring with my iPhone 5. After a nice full charge by my iPhone 5 Light Up Cable USB Charger, I normally check my LinkedIn once a day. Whenever I log on, the app/website suggests 50-60 contacts I should consider connecting with. The site also has e-mail/cell phone info. What do you think about this privacy breach?


LED ipad mini charger iphone 5 light up

Best iPhone Skin June 13 2014

I often hear people asking what is the best iPhone skin? For those people who are asking that question I recommend you try the MagSkin which is a magnetic skin for the iPhone. It comes in cool designs and features something no other skin on the market has; a magnetic backing. This allows you to stick your iPhone to magnetic surfaces like your refrigerator or filing cabinets. Try out the MagSkin and let us know what you think...