5 Reasons you NEED an iPhone 5 Light Up Cable or Charger June 02 2014

  1. iPhone 5 Light Up Cables or Chargers provide light when you need to use the potty at night. The cable can charge your phone and guide you safely to your bedroom door. Think of it as a nightlight combo iPhone 5 charger                     
  2. iPhone 5 Light Up Chargers/Cables can make you cooler with friends and family. No one likes a boring white charger guy. Ladies and Gents love colors like Electric Blue or Thrilling Green.
  3. iPhone 5 Light Up Cables or Chargers are recognizable in common charging areas. This way you know Jake the snake doesn’t steal your charger! I hate you Jake the snake!                                                                                   
  4. iPhone 5 Light Up Chargers are fun to use and promote a sense of happiness with the light up charging experience.
  5. iPhone 5 Light Up Cables/Chargers are only $9.99 on at Comma Chargers

                  light up iphone 5 cable and charger america blue