The Term 'Chunky Monkey' June 05 2014

Given that my iPhone 5s was fully charged, I decided to go on Facebook while at work. There I saw a large social media dispute over the term ‘chunky monkey’. The term ‘chunky monkey’ typically means a charming excess of fat on a person or animal. However, in a non-offensive fashion (i.e. so he thought) a guy suggested he and a girl get drinks. In doing so, he used the term chunky monkey to describe her charm. This set her off and she de-friended him and also published a 300 word statement on how upset she was after losing weight and working for 2 years on her body. The response she got was amazing. Over 300 comments and 450 likes on facebook. In my mind, it brought up two simple questions. First, is ‘chunky monkey’ generally an offensive term? Secondly, Facebook was initially a place to meet people socially and it has transformed into a place comforting enough to share emotional hardships and feelings with hundreds and sometimes thousands of people. How did this happen?


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