Comma Chargers will now feature the popular brand MagSkin June 08 2014

We are eager to declare that Comma Chargers will now feature the brand Magskin. Magskin is an imaginative iphone 4, 5, and soon 6 skin that is both attractive and jazzy. The iphone 5 Magskin styles are Carbon Fiber Red, Carbon Fiber Black, Carbon Fiber Green, Carbon Fiber Silver, Carbon Fiber Purple, Glow in the Dark Blue, Glow in the Dark Green, Snake Skin, and Alligator Black. These skins are fun and helpful in excess of 1,000 every day utilizes that iphone can help hands free when attractively appending to a fridge or different ferrous metal surfaces. It would be ideal if you email us any inquiries concerning the item and/or brand. 


magskin logo and brand