1000 Ways to Use MagSkin Comma Chargers iPhone 5/5s/5c Skin June 10 2014

One our challenges to our customers were to find 1000 ways to use MagSkin for the iPhone 5.

Here are some of the best uses we came up with you!

  1. On a fridge while reading a recipe
  2. On a car while changing a car battery
  3. On the magdock for an alarm clock
  4.  On a filing cabinet for taking a conference call
  5. On a metal music stand while playing guitar
  6. On a fire truck while listening to music
  7. On a police care while doing karaoke
  8. On a magdock for GPS functionality
  9. On an air conditioner while watching Scarface
  10. On a crane while listening to music

Keep the uses coming in!!!

We thank you for the great MagSkin iPhone 5 5s 5c skin ideas!