Why you DON’T want a ‘current flow’ iPhone 5 Light Up Charger June 30 2014

At one point the trendiest iphone 5 light up cable or charger was the current flow charger. It was thought to be cool because the light or ‘current’ moves when it was plugged in. I have owned one and gave it away within 48 hours of owning it. Why did you give it away?? When you are sleeping, trying to watch TV, eating, folding laundry, or whatever else you are doing that current is moving. This is SOOOOOO unsettling and makes you uneasy. It is so distracting when you are doing work. It is so annoying when you are watching TV. It is so freakin’ troublesome I gave mine away for a solid LED light that is clearer and cleaner when charger…I USE THE IPHONE 5 LIGHT UP CHARGER EXCLUSIVELY FROM COMMA CHARGERS. They have electric blue and thrilling green both of which can be used as ipad mini charger as well (some questions came in…)


iphone 5 light up usb cable charger led blue