5 Practical Reasons you NEED an iPad Mini Charger from Comma Chargers July 06 2014

  1. iPad mini chargers give off light when you need to use the bathroom at night (i.e. potty break). The iPad charger can charge your iPad or iPhone plus gently lead you to the potty in the dark night. This always prevents tripping on wires, banging your ankle on the bed post, tripping on clothes thrown all around, or just a quicker path in an emergency :-)
  2. iPad mini chargers can make you awesome. Ladies and Gentlemen admire colors like Electric Blue or Thrilling Green…The Las Vegas of iPad Mini Chargers!
  3. iPad Mini Chargers are often easily identifiable in common charging areas…this will prevent the 'borrow friend' to steal and use your charger! You will know right away…tougher to prove white on white                                                   
  4. iPad Mini Chargers create an invigorating charging experience…every time I see my phone charging with a lighted cable I get amped up quickly
  5. iPad Mini Chargers are only $9.99 on at Comma Chargers which is half the price you would pay in retail stores…getting all this for under 10 bucks is truly a great deal!


  iphone light up 5 usb cable charger blue and green