iWoody Premium USB Wall Charger...New Product!!! July 07 2014

Hello Loyal Comma Chargerites,

We are now featuring in stock the newest product by designer S. J. Mod. The Premium USB Wall Charger we call iWoody. This product is exclusively featured at Comma Chargers. The wall charger works with iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phones. We stand behind the quality and uniqueness of each product sold. The design was inspired in Philadelphia, PA by a modern blend of oak, maple, and mahogany hardwoods. The premium stamp of approval means NO sparks NO overcharging NO cheap generic crap...this is the real deal. Also, each wall charger is optimized 1 amp / 5 watt  of clean power. We are always happy to bring modern and classic to the marketplace. Buy one here while they are still in stock!  

charger juice usb wall charge unit 3 iwoody