We're Still Compatible with Apple's New Releases July 08 2014

Did you hear about the new swaggy products Apple announced? We all know what you’re thinking, how come Apple can create such great devices, but can’t create a charger that lasts longer than a month. Good news-- our Apple Certified MFi Lightning Cable Chargers will still be compatible with the new releases, and won’t break, tangle, AND they’re 6 feet long. You have nothing to worry about, CommaChargers got your back. Now you can rock our gear with your new stylish gadget and not have to worry about your charger ever getting ruined. So forget about your chargers tearing apart, our braided cable is durable and won’t let you and your Apple iPhone or iPad down.  The only worry you’ll have with the new iPhone will be smashing your screen, or dropping your beloved phone in the toilet (come on we’ve all done it), but now chargers won’t ever be a worry on your mind!