3D Printing and Quality for iPhone 5 Light Up Chargers July 10 2014

While we always see tech articles about iPhone and Android it was cool to read today on CNN Money about a 3D printer that is able to create a drone aircraft. This drone was hugeee!!! Regardless, the cheaper, faster, and stronger 3D printers of today’s world have done a number for mobile phone accessories and pretty much anything else you can think of. I personally have never directly used one but I always fear that quality would suffer as a result. For our iPhone Light Up Chargers and USB Wall Chargers we only use the highest quality manufacturing facilities. In addition, every single accessory we sell in this boutique is machine test and hand tested by our staff. This ensures we send out a zero defect percentage. All of our products are 100% guaranteed when you receive. If you mess it up after that because you are traveling to Costa Rica to surf…NOT my fault :)


iPhone 5 Light Up Charger Light Up 5 Cable