Why Choose iWoody Over Other USB Wall Chargers July 21 2014

There are some additional benefits to the iWoody USB Wall Charger by Comma Chargers. The most obvious difference is the integrated wooden design that adds design and out classes the other crappy chargers on the market today. Your charger will most definitely stick out from your friends charger at work, home. school or play.


Another added benefit is the protection that the cheap knockoffs do not offer. The iWoody is produced using vigorous industry standards in regards to safety and has the same features are the original iPhone USB wall charger. The cheap chargers will often spark when you plug them in and their current is not controlled. This could cause a fire or electrocution. The iWoody also features an overcharge protection that stops charging your iPhone, iPad or other smartphone as soon as it is charged. The cheap chargers on the market do not feature this protection and will ultimately damage your phone by overcharging it.


I always say it is better to be safe by buying a quality piece of equipment when you are trying to protect a $600 plus device. Try the iWoody today and see why it is one of the best.


iwoody wall USB charger