iPhone 5/6 Apple Certified MFi Lightning Cable Charger November 19 2014

Apple released the freshest versatile working framework, IOS8.1.1, which brings incredible new gimmicks and a wonderful outline of functionality. Apple made for iPhone an MFi system to ensure that accessories are protected to charge and sync your Apple gadgets. Each one called an MFi Lightning Cable Certification has a modest and secure chipset that ensures the accessories are certified by Apple. There has been a consistent feline and mouse diversion with Apple and third party organizations that attempt to bypass this safekeeping. These same organizations guarantee future similarity with IOS8 however  it is barely worth the trouble any longer to purchase cables that are not high quality or apple certified (MFi) to spare a couple of bucks. I would highly suggest an affordable iPhone Apple Certified MFi Lightning Cable from Comma Chargers. It is only $14.99 and has the apple certification.


iPhone Lightning Cable mfi lightning cable