iPhone MFi Lightning Cable - Is it worth it? November 24 2014

The Apple Company prices iPhone lightning cables between $19 or $29 price points for 3- ft and 6-ft versions, that's simply ridiculous and super pricey. Hit up Amazon or perhaps eBay and you will probably discover “too good to be true deals” offering for $4.99-$9.99. That discrepancy implies that you are paying an "Apple duty tax”, righto or wrongo?

I am telling you definitely NOT.

 The apple certified cables normally sell for $14-$25 and 70% of that price is due to the extremely expensive ‘apple certification’ that manufacturers pay Apple.  However, it is well worth it. The iPhone MFi lightning cables that are apple certified will work 100% of the time and forever. They also don’t stop working when an operating system changes like all the cables you will buy off amazon and ebay. In addition, these cables have a certified chipset that has a cleaner plug and unplug with your device. This helps your device ports stay working properly for those  1-2 years your signed an agreement J

I would highly suggest a boutique retailer like www.commachargers.com. They offer several apple certified cables that are all under 20 bucks!