Combo Special: iWoody and Light Up iPhone/iPad Charger Cable

$ 14.99 $ 29.99

Our two best selling products are now available in a combo special:



iWoody: Premium USB Wall Charger exclusively by Comma Chargers features a brilliant water-transfer real wood design.

The blend of oak, maple, mahogany, with a touch of modern was designed in Philadelphia, PA by accessory designer S. J. Mod.  

The 4 best parts about iWoody:

  • Modern and classic design (i.e. Oak, Maple, Mahogany, and Modern Touch)
  • Easy to distinguish in common charging areas (i.e. work, school, home)
  • 5 Watt charger with 1 Amp of power optimized for smartphone(s) iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone 
  • Safely tested and guaranteed not to overcharge devices or spark like the cheap generics on the market today



iPhone/iPad USB Lightning Cable Charger Features

  • LED lighted charging experience
  • Electric Blue or Thrilling Green
  • USB cable charger works with iPhone 5/5s/5c/6/6 Plus
  • USB cable charger works with iPad Air
  • USB cable charger works with iPad Mini
  • The cable measures 3ft in length
  • What many call the "adult nightlight"...charging your iPhone while you sleep and providing light so you can find your way to the potty and not step on the dog/cat along the way :)

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